2&Taylor Unveils Creative Office Space

After more than a year of construction, our 2&Taylor redevelopment in the Yamhill Historic District opened with much fanfare to our first tenant. In January, Jama Software, one of Portland’s technology success stories, took occupancy of nearly 35,000 square feet on 2&Taylor’s second and third floors. Now fully moved in, they love the open floor plan, high ceilings, rooftop patio, and abundant natural light.

Back in 2013, it was a calculated risk to think that we could transform this outdated building into contemporary office space. Jama was the first to believe in our vision, the neighborhood, and the building’s potential. They were looking for what most growing companies are seeking in their office space today– a hybrid of the open-industrial aesthetic with a touch of historic features– all packaged up with the modern amenities of a contemporary office building.

Jama’s presence has already brought new vibrancy to the neighborhood and fueled interest in the remaining office space as well as the retail spaces of the property. Beyond the new tenants we’re bringing to our building, there’s so much happening in the surrounding area. Mod Pizza recently opened up across the street and is helping to turn S.W. Second Avenue into a real restaurant row. Sometime this summer, construction should begin on a new AC Marriott Hotel, the hotel chain’s European-style brand, just a block away at SW 3rd & Taylor. And that’s just the beginning.

Whether it started with Jama Software and 2&Taylor, or we were one of many to spot a great opportunity, the Yamhill Historic District is really on the rise. We’re very happy to be riding the wave.