This holiday season we are committed to showing our support for our community and other small businesses that are weathering the impacts of this year. We encourage you to do the same and shop at local retailers in areas like Downtown, the West End, Nob Hill, Mississippi, Division, and the Pearl District.

As you shop, be mindful and abide by the COVID-19 protocols that the establishments have put in place. In addition to the guidelines unique to each business, we offer 6 tips for staying safe while you shop:

Choose Shopping Times Wisely

Shop during “off” hours (such as weekday mornings or right before closing) to reduce your exposure to others.

Minimize Your Methods of Payment

Avoid carrying cash and limit the number of credit cards in your purse or wallet.

Shop Early

Shop early in the season. The earlier you shop, the fewer crowds you’ll encounter and the better chance you’ll have of finding the right gift in stock.

Limit Contact with Others

Take advantage of curbside or contactless pick-up when possible. These services offer safer and more convenient ways to shop.

Stay Alert

Be aware of your surroundings and don’t leave valuable items unattended.

Follow Guidelines

Follow the CDC’s recommendations including wearing a mask in public settings, disinfecting shopping carts, and staying home if you feel sick.

For a list of open neighborhood retailers, click here.