Company Philosophy

“It’s All About the People”

When Melvin “Pete” Mark, Jr. took over Melvin Mark Companies, he vowed to make Portland a vibrant place for businesses, residents and visitors alike. He also made a commitment to take care of his employees. Today, our company philosophy is inspired by Pete and is one which we celebrate.

Company Philosophy

Melvin Mark works hard to provide socially responsible practices supportive of our employees, clients, and tenants. We have made it a priority to hire and provide leadership opportunities for women and minorities. Today, the executive team is 33% women, and the firm has been working closely with Central City Concern to provide a path to employment for formerly homeless individuals.

Our company understands the importance of balancing work success and personal well-being. That’s why we provide opportunities such as financial wellness workshops, bi-weekly yoga sessions, career development mapping, and education assistance to promote new knowledge and skills. In addition, Melvin Mark employees enjoy competitive health benefits, parking and public transportation passes, and a collaborative work space.

We believe that through taking care of our employees, they are better able to provide integrity, trust, and commitment to all of our clients.