“It’s all about the people”

This was the philosophy of our former leader, Melvin “Pete” Mark, and one which guided his passion for making Portland a vibrant place for businesses, residents, and visitors alike. Today, our company is aligned with the foundation of putting people first. We are constantly evolving our business to stay mindful of best practices in sustainability, our company culture, and engagement in our communities.

Sustainability Practices

Sustainability is an important part of any commercial real estate process and we are dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint. At Melvin Mark, we invest in environmentally friendly practices that conserve natural resources, use energy efficiently, and reduce pollution. These practices include energy-saving building systems, healthy indoor air quality, and recycling programs for both landlords and tenants.

Company Culture

Our company is dedicated to developing a culture of candor where all voices are heard and respected. We believe a diverse group of people coming together and working side-by-side is enriching and is ultimately the best way to conduct business.

In addition, we value the importance of balancing work success and personal well-being, and strive to create an employee environment that is supportive of both. We provide opportunities such as financial wellness workshops, in-office yoga sessions, career development mapping, and education assistance to promote new knowledge and skills. In addition, Melvin Mark employees enjoy competitive health benefits, parking and public transportation passes, and a work space that promotes collaboration and communication.

We believe that through taking care of our employees, they are better able to provide integrity, trust, and commitment to all of our clients.

Community Engagement

Melvin Mark has called Portland home since 1945. In this time, we have seen tremendous growth and have witnessed firsthand that the wealth of our city is in its community. As a real estate company, we invest in the things we love and work hard to provide socially responsible practices supportive of our employees, clients, and tenants.

An important part of our ethos and company culture is to give our time and resources back to our communities. We proudly engage in civic and non-profit organizations as board members, volunteers, and committee representatives. We are committed to continuously raising the bar, to listening and learning, to taking action, and to supporting a community where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.