Brooklyn Tweed Office

Brooklyn Tweed, purveyors of high-quality, unique yarn materials and knitwear design, left their home base in New Jersey and looked west to Portland to find new space for its headquarters and shipping operations. The Melvin Mark team took on the challenge of helping the innovative young company find new digs in Portland’s tight real estate market—while the client was located nearly 3,000 miles away.

The company was looking for a unique type of product. Function was most important as the space would be used for both their office headquarters and their fulfillment center. Plus, the need to recruit employees to the new office was paramount, making it essential to find a great location. And all of this had to be accomplished for a growing start-up on a realistic budget.

After a long search, Al was instrumental in finding them the perfect space for their new home. The company is now happily housed in 4,500 square feet in northeast Portland.

Download the full case study to learn more about Brooklyn Tweed and their successful quest to relocate to Portland.