Fifth Avenue Building, 1400 SW Fifth Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97201

Tom Becic

eBay, one of the world’s largest online marketplaces, evaluated Melvin Mark’s Fifth Avenue Building as part of its citywide search for office space. The challenge for broker and landlord rep Tom Becic was to quickly understand exactly what eBay needed and respond without hesitation. eBay wanted innovative changes to the building that would reinvent the space, taking out the existing improvements and creating a custom workplace from the ground up that would accommodate their office space requirements and long-term expansion plans.  It was clear that Melvin Mark needed to show that they could think outside the box and do something different. eBay was thrilled with the company’s flexibility and ultimately chose the Fifth Avenue Building — starting with 20,000 square feet that has now grown to 70,000 square feet. In the end, Tom did his legwork and helped create value in the space that benefitted both parties.

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