Crown Plaza, 1500 SW First Avenue, Portland, OR 97201

Scott Andrews

Previously located south of Portland, SAIF Corporation was looking for new office space in downtown Portland that was accessible to a diverse workforce and reflected the organizations commitment to sustainability. SAIF — Oregon’s state-chartered, not-for-profit, worker’s compensation insurer — wanted to find space that allowed it to reduce its carbon footprint, improve its energy efficiency to lower operating costs, and enhance comfort for its workers. Working with Scott Andrews, 34,964 square feet of the perfect space was found in Melvin Mark’s Crown Plaza.

SAIF’s President and CEO noted, “At SAIF, we’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint. Having Melvin Mark as a landlord has made fulfilling that commitment even easier. As a tenant, we don’t have to pressure the landlord to make sustainable investments because they already share our philosophy of environmental responsibility.”

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