Union Bank Building, 707 SW Washington, Portland, OR 97205

Scott Andrews

After 27 years in a downtown Class A high-rise, Yost Grube Hall Architecture sought out new office space that reflected the company’s culture and met their sustainability and collaborative values. After scouring the market, they selected the 12th floor of the Union Bank Building, owned and managed by Melvin Mark. The quality and philosophy of building management was critical to YGH when making a final decision. Melvin Mark’s extensive building renovations, use of sustainable building materials, and implementation of energy efficiency measures scored high marks as the firm evaluated its options.

YGH and Melvin Mark worked together to implement the firm’s design and ensure that building systems were in concert with their vision for the space. Walls were removed where possible to maintain an open work environment. Common areas are now infused with light thanks to abundant windows and glass. Other improvements include the use of environmentally friendly materials, energy efficiency solutions, and water conservation practices.

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