Dina Schilling

Assistant Propery Manager


“Change needs to be thoughtfully applied as it affects procedures and systems throughout the business. My goal is to make improvements positive for everyone. I’m proud to have the opportunity to do this for a long-standing company that is well-respected in the community.”


Dina Schilling is so adept at her job, she wears two hats at Melvin Mark. As assistant property manager, she takes care of property-specific tenant satisfaction needs, vendor management, facility operations and financial tracking. In her other role, she evaluates systems across the entire managed portfolio and recommends ways to improve and streamline them. All to keep tenants happy and buildings operating efficiently.. Knowing how easy it is to get off track while digging into detail, she stays focused on her end goal – having a positive impact on the company and tenant retention. With a deep background in tenant relations and property management, this Nevada native is working towards earning her Certified Property Manager credential. An outdoor enthusiast, Dina has happily swapped the arid climate of her home state with the lakes, rivers and waterways of Oregon.