Melvin “Pete” Mark, Jr.


“I believe we should take responsibility for reinvesting in the community that provides us with so much opportunity.”


When Pete Mark visited Portland on his honeymoon, he and his new bride knew instantly this would be the place to build a career and raise a family. The historic roots of the company were planted in 1945 when Pete’s dad made investments in downtown Portland real estate.  Over time, additional investments were made and these properties became the foundation of the companies’ professional and philanthropic connection to Portland.


The success of Melvin Mark Companies is firmly linked to Pete’s philosophy of taking a personal interest in building long-term relationships with business partners, clients and his community.  The skyline is dotted with his real estate projects and, just as importantly, the city has benefited from the hundreds of charitable projects he supported.


Pete earned a reputation among clients and colleagues for going the extra mile – to offer great service at a fair price, a value instilled in the culture of the company.  Today, Melvin Mark’s word and handshake still mean something in the community.


Ask anyone about Pete’s enthusiasm for Portland.  You’ll hear words of appreciation for his vision and commitment.  Ask Pete and he would tell you about the dedication of so many others who continue to make it the best city in the country. His leadership, passion, enthusiasm and dedication to the community have been a driving force that will continue to inspire and elevate the city that he loved so deeply.