Olmer De Leon Martinez

Maintenance Technician

Area of Expertise

General building maintenance
Building mechanical systems


“Melvin Mark gives me the opportunity to keep growing in my career and help me reach the professional goals I have for myself.”


Before he found his calling in building maintenance, Olmer De Leon Martinez had a career in the restaurant industry. His background as a manager helped him develop high standards for customer service. Technically skilled and good with his hands, he transitioned to a new career working as an electrician’s apprentice. He also pursued an associate degree in mechatronics, a multidisciplinary field that combines principles of mechanical engineering, electronics, and computer engineering. All of this training gave him the background to do what he does now, taking care of facilities in the Melvin Mark-managed portfolio. His client service ethic is essential as he works with tenants on maintenance and repair requests. The high standards he sets for himself ensure that jobs are done right; he gets even more satisfaction out of knowing he solved a problem and clients are happy with his work.