Quinn Montes

Maintenance Technician

Area of Expertise

General building maintenance


“I love the people here. Everyone is willing to work with you and teach you, and help you grow.”


Like other maintenance techs on the Melvin Mark team, Quinn Montes is a problem-solver. Growing up, he worked with his hands and was drawn to building things. Once he entered the work world, he learned quickly that he couldn’t sit behind a desk as a career. Today his job keeps him on the go. He takes care of preventive building maintenance at several properties and makes sure that tenant requests are addressed efficiently and professionally. He’s taking building operator courses through BOMA Oregon and hopes to get his Limited Building Maintenance Electrician certificate in the future. He prides himself on being a good listener, skills that come in handy in tenant relations. He’s learned when you listen to what people have to say and let them speak, they’ll tell you what they need pretty quickly.