Raed Chalati


Before moving to Portland, Raed lived in Damascus, Syria and Amman, Jordan. He moved to Portland because of its vast nature outlet and its great selection of food.


In his previous work experience, Raed held a position in healthcare accounting. He enjoyed being part of the industry and learned how the back ends of the ERP Systems work. This experience allowed him to create automation for tasks and dive into the program to find niche reports and analyze the data within them.


Raed joined the Melvin Mark team as an Accounting Applications Analyst where he analyzes a given problem, diagnoses it, finds its root cause, and then solves it. He was drawn to the company because of its values and reputation in the industry. While he is part of the Accounting department, he works to support all employees including those in Operations and Brokerage as well.


Raed spends his free time cooking, exercising, being outside, and spending time with loved ones.