Ron Bakker

Project Coordinator


“My mom used to say, ‘If you enjoy your job, you never go to work.’ That’s been true for me in my role here at Melvin Mark.”


Over the past nearly 40 years, Ron Bakker has learned everything possible about how to build, manage and care for a Class A high-rise. Fresh out of the US Army, he joined Melvin Mark as a painter, and worked his way up through various maintenance positions to serve as building superintendent, and now building manager at Crown Plaza. He even did a brief stint working for Melvin Mark Development Company during the development of Robert Duncan Plaza. With deep understanding of what it takes to keep a building operating at peak efficiency, he is attentive and responsive to make sure that tenant needs are met. He credits his success to an excellent team of co-workers and deep respect and admiration for the working style of his boss.